Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Shoulder Bags

It has now been well over a year since i started my tote bag company. I'm excited to say that what started as a school project for my silk screening class, has now evolved to a very hads-on (very dirty hands-on) project. Initially i was silk-screening light weight cotton tote bags, but after getting bored with the same oatmeal colored bags i decided to literally take matters into my own hands by hand dying and silk screening heavy cotton shoulder bags... I'm excited and happy with the results thus far... Above are some fotos i took on a recent dying spree... (this is hard work guys, but i really love what i do)

You can find the final product at:
LINHARDT DESIGN STUDIO - 156 First avenue (between 9th and 10th) East Village, NYC (917)748-9000,

Cntact me at
Sank You!

Very excited to have sold this print... Thanks my dear M

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Mengly's Printshop

You may purchase this item here http://menglysprintshop.bigcartel

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art review: mengly hernandez

multimedia artist mengly hernandez was born in harlem on the island of manhattan and grew up in washington heights in the 1990’s. she works in a variety of creative media such as poetry, photography, silk screening and jewelry design and has worked intermittently as a fashion stylist and model. she has a son named ousmane sam.

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‘chinita’,  2009 © Mengly Hernandez

chinita’, 2009

© Mengly Hernandez

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‘Ousmane’,  2009 © Mengly Hernandez

Ousmane’, 2009

© Mengly Hernandez

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‘untitled 2’ © Mengly Hernandez

untitled 2’ © Mengly Hernandez

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‘untitled 1‘ © Mengly Hernandez

untitled 1‘ © Mengly Hernandez

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All Patterns are based on original artwork
Copyright material -mengly

d-dot in all combos

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New Tote bag images

Copyright 2009
Barron Claiborne

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Le style part deux

fotos by Nigel Ho Sang -
Le style -mengly

Fall 2010 scarves

Fall scarves stay warm and colorful!

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Image: copyright, naila ruechel
Please checck out my Tote Bags here:

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